donderdag 11 september 2014

Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense

Series of Transparent Collages on Lightboxes (Wooden Box, Lightbulb, Glassplate and Collage). The Collages are all Handmade (Non-Computer Generated) with Original 19th & Early 20th Century Prints and Cellotape. A Special Technique Personally Developed by the Artist is used to Transfer the Classical Prints to a Transparent Plastic Sheet by Physical Means Only.  No Computer, Copying Machine or any kind of Printing Device is used to Transfer the Image in this Process. Especially the Total Rejection of Anything Computer Generated is a Key Element in the Work of the Artist. Through the slow Process of Creating the Works paired with the Tactile Sensations while being in Real Physical Touch with the separate Elements of the Works enables the Artist to Creating a deep Connection within her Work. A Connection Vital to Any Serious Work of Art. The Artist Fully Rejects Every Technique which is done by a Computer. "Computers are like the Machines which took over the Handlabour of Artisans who once made Furniture, Carpets, Books, Prints Etcetera. We More and More forget the True Power of Things which have been made by real Hands. Only when being in Touch with an Object which is Not manufactured by a Machine, Seeing An Image Not Generated by a Computer, Hearing A Sound Not being Made by Digital Means,  Smelling A Natural Fragrance Not Produced by Artificial Ingredients, we Begin to recognize how deeply we all have been estranged from our True Self. Because it is the Naturalness of the Human Hand of the Artist and the Sweat and Mental Energy Connected to the Work of Art which is only able to truly connect us to our own Heart." 




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